Mission Statement

Inspiring success through delivering clean, fresh, healthy places of work, rest and play. Innovating, developing, nurturing and nourishing people and our planet to achieve the very kindest, cleanest & natural outcome in everything we do.

Our core values

1. Kindness

    No causing harm or damage

    Protecting the planet by ensuring that our activities and                      objectives have not negative impact on the environment wherever      possible.

2. Flexibility

    Able to change or be changed easily according to the situation

    We fit around you - adapting at all times to suit your needs.

3. Principled

    Always behaving in an honest and moral way

    There are lots of ways to do things - we just want to do things the      right way.

4. Pioneering

    Using ideas and methods that have never been used before

    We are green and hygienically clean - improving the wellbeing of      people and their places.

5. Passionate

    Having very strong feelings or emotions

    Always holding an attitude and intention to always do our very            best in everything we do.

Begreen cleaning

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Westgate Chambers
Staple Gardens
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